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GDPR protection


We are constantly concerned about keeping you up to date with trends, news, special sales deals and current prize draw. In order to improve our communication in the future, please provide your personal information and indicate which areas you want to be informed. We follow the legal regulation and takes care of the data of its customers and users, and has thus adapted to the upcoming GDPR.

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) is a new law on privacy and personal data that will apply in all 28 EU Member States. One gives more control over his data and come into effect on May 25, 2018. More about reform can be found here.

What does GDPR bring?

Protecting personal data is one of the basic tasks that GDPR puts in front of organizations whether it's personal data, customers, or employees. Organizations must at all times know where and for what purpose they may be used. Likewise, in the event that someone decides to withdraw the privilege of using their personal data, the organization must be able to do so within the set deadline. By applying the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection you gain more rights to the protection and privacy of your personal data.

What's all personal information

Name, address, email address, IP and MAC address, GPS location, RFID tags and cookies on websites, phone number, photos, video footage of individuals, OIB, biometric data (fingerprint, eye iris), genetic data, education and professional information, payroll data, credit information, bank account information, health data, sexual orientation, voice, and many other data pertaining to an individual whose identity has been identified or can be identified.

Influence on foreign companies

All foreign companies handling EU citizen data are also subject to this Regulation. So 92% of companies in the United States now say that adjustment to GDPR is one of their highest priorities, or 54% consider them the highest priority. Although it is a European regulation, GDPR affects the redesign of the data protection of many foreign companies, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many others. Any company in Croatia that collects some of the above data is subject to this Regulation, and it will be case-by-case to determine whether or not the data that collect the personal data of an individual is present.

By declaring the undisclosed categories on the website I allow the company Creative Squirrel Ltd. to use my personal information for personalized communication and information, and to store and process them in accordance with the rules on the protection of personal data. You can revoke your consent at any time. We will process your data exclusively for the purposes you will be tagged during the application to receive newsletters and product orders.

What kind of personal information are we collecting?

• Basic personal information (eg name and surname, date of birth) and communication data (eg address, e-mail, phone/cell phone number)
• Additional personal information (e.g., delivery address)
• Data that allows you to create profiles (eg demographic data, employment data, contacts with CACs, etc.)
• Data relating to our products and services
• Communication information with Charges, including marketing communications

What is the legal basis for processing your personal information?

In accordance with the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection, your personal information may be processed:

• If you have given us consent (you can revoke it at any time)
• If necessary to send you the ordered product or make a marketing service
• If processing is necessary because of legal interests that we or a third party do
• If this is required by law (for example, regarding billing information).

For what purpose do we process your personal information?

We only process personal data for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and we will not process them in any way that does not comply with these purposes. Such a purpose is, for example, answering a question, implementing the order you've provided, improving your experience of visiting some of our websites or portals, improving our products and services in general, offering services or applications, marketing campaigns, etc.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We keep personal information in compliance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. We store them for as long as they need for the purposes for which they are being processed or for compliance with the law. The personal information we process on your personal consent is stored permanently until your recall. Personal data we treat on the basis of a law or contractual relationship with you are kept as long as it is prescribed by law (eg, 10 years after the issue of issued invoices).

How do we protect your personal information?

We use technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from illegal or unauthorized access or use, as well as from accidental loss or loss of a piece of data. We shaped them by considering your IT infrastructure, the potential impact on your privacy and costs, and in accordance with current industry standards and practices. Our contract processing agents can process your personal information only subject to the above mentioned technical and organizational security measures. The maintenance of data security means the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data: confidentiality and integrity: your personal data is protected from unauthorized or illegal processing and from accidental loss, destruction or damage; Availability: We will ensure that authorized data processing personnel have access to your personal information when and when required. Our security procedures include: security access, backup, monitoring, review and maintenance, security incident management, etc.

Who handles personal data?

Depending on the purposes for which we handle your personal information, we may subdivide the recipients of data into the following categories:

a) Within our organization:

  • our authorized staff with whom you have been in contact

b) Our business partners: we require them to always comply with applicable laws, privacy policy and to pay special attention to the confidentiality of your personal information:

  • Advertising agencies, marketing and PR agencies and providers (eg MailChimp, Google, Facebook) to send emails; only the cookie (s) for remarketing purposes, the email address for running ads in Google AdWords; the Analytics cookie identifier for analysis purposes in Google Analytics; Facebook - only the cookie identifier for remarketing purposes; email ad serving ads in Facebook Custom Audiences that help us implement and analyze the effectiveness of our campaigns and promotional activities
  • business partners: for example, confidential companies that may use your personal information to provide you with the services and / or products that you have requested or submitted marketing material (provided you agree to receive such material) and external contractors who process data only for (for example, call centres, advertising agencies, delivery services, companies that produce products we mediate to you, bookkeeping, other external collaborators for promotional purposes); to state authorities on the basis of their reasoned written request for the purpose of carrying out a particular procedure
  • our service providers: companies that provide services to our (for example, external IT service providers, accounting services, law firms, etc.)

c) Other third parties:

  • when this requires a law or is legally necessary to protect our company
  • Compliance with the law at the request of the authorities, court decisions, legal proceedings, reporting and information obligations of the competent authorities, etc.
  • checks or Conformity Checks with the Charge Policies
  • protecting the rights, property or safety of the Creative Squirrel and/or its clients
  • in connection with corporate transactions: in the transfer or sale of the whole or part of the business or otherwise in connection with the merger, consolidation, changes in control, reorganization or liquidation of the whole or part of the business of Creative Squirrel Ltd.

Our business partners from point b) may process your personal information only in accordance with our instructions and may not use personal information for your own personal interest. Keep in mind, however, that the recipients listed in b) and c) of this document, especially service providers who can offer you products and services within our services and/or applications, or through our own channels, may separately collect your personal files. In this case, they are solely responsible for their control, and your co-operation with them takes place in accordance with their terms. Carefully, we will store all the data you have provided in our internal databases on internal servers and will not be forwarded without prior consent, except for the companies and entities listed above.

What are your options and rights in relation to the submitted personal information?

We want to be as transparent as possible so we can offer you the option of choosing the way you want us to use your personal information.

  • You choose how you want us to address - for example, which channels (for example, email, post, phone ...). We will try to respect your desires, but keep in mind that all communication is not taking place on all channels.
  • Your personal information - you can always contact us at the data protection contact to find out which of your personal information we have at the base and from which we source them. You may, under certain conditions, have the right to disclose the personal information you have forwarded to us, in the most commonly used structured machine-readable form, as well as the right to send personal information to any third party of your choice.
  • Your corrections - if you find an error in your personal data or if it appears to you that the data is incomplete or correct, you may request a correction or amendment
  • Your limitations - you may request limited processing of personal data (for example, while checking the accuracy of your personal information)
  • Your objections - You can also oppose the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes and only oppose automatic processing, including creating a profile.

You can cancel your personal data processing at any time by contacting us at e-mail: In addition, you may ask us to delete any information about you (except in certain cases, for example, for the purposes of proof of a transaction or if required by law).

How exactly and how do we use your data?

  1. name and surname - only and exclusively for ordering and delivery of the product on your behalf from our subcontractors/manufacturers of the products we offer
  2. address - primarily for ordering and delivery of third party (manufacturer) products to your address and, if necessary, sending promotional materials exclusively to this webshop
  3. cell phone/phone number - primarily for sending SMS notices about the due date of your ordered products and, if necessary, sending promotional materials, notices and actions exclusively to this web shop
  4. Your business name-only and exclusively to order and deliver the product to your name/company
  5. your date of birth (you enter it optional) - only for sending SMS or e-mail of your birthday wishes, sending promotional materials exclusively to the Website carrier and for the purpose of researching and analyzing our customers' markets
  6. e-mail address - to send e-mail notifications about the ordered/sent product, the product's due date to your address and the sending of weekly / multi-week promotional materials exclusively to this web shop

Your personal data is stored exclusively in this webshop and in the programs for sending e-mail newsletters and social networking sites (Facebook, Google, Instagram ...). Your personal details - name and surname, cell phone number, e-mail, company name and address will never be given to third parties for the above reasons and will be permanently protected by this webshop. You can always trust us!

Who can I contact if I have questions about my personal information?

Contact person Martina Kocijan Gulan is at your disposal, who will only deal with your questions or requirements regarding your personal information (and their processing) and the exercise of your rights. Write to us at For reliable identification in the event of personal data rights, we may ask you for additional information, and we can only refuse the action if it is proven that we can not reliably identify you.

How can I revoke my consent?

You can cancel your agreement by writing to Creative Squirrel Ltd., Puškarićeva 42, 10 250 Lučko, Zagreb, Europe or by sending an email to us at Refusal to process personal data does not carry any negative consequences or sanctions. However, there is a possibility that after the cancellation of the personal data processing authorization we will not be able to provide the user with one or more of their services that can not be provided without the use of personal data (eg delivery of the product that you want to order/buy).

Why is it useful to create a profile for customized communication and information?

Certain information is used to evaluate or evaluate the content that may be most interesting and useful to you. In this way, we want to increase the opportunities to get to know you with the most relevant products or services. For this purpose, individuals can be classified into different profiles with which we communicate differently, or customized (individually). This means that different groups (profiles) of individuals receive marketing messages with different content, including purchase conditions (e.g. discounts or payment terms). When sorting individuals into groups (profiles), we can track, record, and use the individual's responses to marketing messages, such as email opening, link opening, time spent by an individual on a particular site, and so on.

Please enter your first and last name, address, e-mail, phone number and delivery address when ordering the product. Please enter your e-mail address and your name or nickname when signing up for the newsletter. We will use the data exclusively for this purpose; By entering your data, you fully agree to be able to store and process it as personal information.
For the accuracy and truthfulness of the data you provide to the Authorities for the aforementioned purposes, you are to guarantee yourself. Offices are not responsible if they receive inaccurate, false or other information.
Your security on the internet is extremely important to us
Personal data is very important for us and we keep them in compliance with the new General Privacy Policy. Whenever you want, you can request to delete your data or sign out for receiving information via email or SMS at and you can also let us know about changing the data. If you request deletion of your data or you wish to cancel our subscription, we will stop sending you within 30 days of the receipt of the cancellation request. If you have any questions about the general data protection regulations, please send us an e-mail with the title "Data Protection" to the following e-mail address:

Use your e-mail and name (or nickname) when sending a newsletter

Your e-mail will only be used for the purpose of sending free information about trends, new products, special sales opportunities and prize draws, as well as other news and information related to our Web Shop business. We warrant that your e-mail address and name will not be used for other purposes. By entering your e-mail and names, you agree to be able to store and use your personal information. You can send a request for withdrawal of the application to the newsletter at any time, at the email address of or log off via the offered option in each received newsletter (checkout).