Returns & Free Product Replacements – Yachting Inc.

Returns & Free Product Replacements

Webshop Yachting Inc. is specialized exclusively in selling quality sea-inspired products for women, men and kids, made in the USA and the EU.

By paying for a product, you accept a certain price. If the product does not arrive within the stated period or the product comes in a form that does not match the original description, is broken or damaged, we will RESEND A NEW PRODUCT(S) to you, free of charge, or return your money.

The right to free product replacements

In case that the product(s) you have purchased is/are:

  • damaged
  • broken
  • absolutely does not match the original description

please send us:

  1. your name and surname
  2. product(s) name
  3. and a 1-2 photo of the product(s) you received,
across one of these communication channels

In a short period of time, 1-3 days, we will contact our supplier and demand a new product(s), which we will immediately send to your address and contact you about delivery time. The cost of a new product(s) and shipping cost(s) will be fully paid by us and the supplier(s). 

In the event of any further problems, such as missing the product, the same error on it, or if you don't receive your order, after the new delivery we will refund you your money.

Important remarks

If the product you have bought is an inadequate size to the end user, and the error has occurred only because of your incorrect measurement, the suppliers/manufactures will not accept the complaint. If you buy the product(s) that you dislike with no reason, in terms of colour or any other reason specified in the product description, the supplier's objection will not be taken into account.

Buy and feel safe. We are committed to achieving ultimate customer satisfaction by relying on online shopping rules, experience, loyalty, hard work and honesty among suppliers.

Yours sincerely, Yachting Inc.