Wholesale – Yachting Inc.


We will be happy to make you a complete order-wholesale of very popular products for women, men and kids, Tax and Customs duty paperwork and deliver them to your destination.

You can order any product(s) you see in our store

Important notes

  • always plan the order for the season 2-3 months before sale. For example, if you want to sell new products during the summer, order it in the spring!
  • set the budget you want to invest. Please note your country VAT and 11-20% of customs duty
  • there is no limit to your profit margins, so it can be over 300%


Our contacts

We will be pleased to directly influence your sales to increase! Feel free to contact us for official inquiries and offers
  • at e-mail sail@yachting-inc.com
  • through the phone call, SMS, Viber or Whatsapp +385917520610 Mon-Fri 12-16 h
  • by sending a Facebook message
  • through the contact form at our home page
  • through Instagram DM


Sincerely, Yachting Inc.